You might have encountered a situation when you have to drive or insert a nail into a wall, wood, or board using a hammer? Wasn’t it a tedious and cumbersome task to do without the help of any automatic machine? Just imagine that there exists a device that will work as an automatic nail driving machine. There are several kinds of nail guns available in the market. One such nail gun is PNEUMATIC NAIL GUN, which eases the task of inserting or driving a nail with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. So, let us get some detailed knowledge about what precisely Pneumatic nail gun is and How does it work?

What Is Pneumatic Nail Gun?

A pneumatic nail gun is a top-rated tool or machine used to drive or insert a pin or a nail into the boards, walls, and other hard objects. These particular type of nail guns are generally combustion-based nail drivers that mainly uses air from a compressor for its functioning. Pneumatic nail guns are driven by electromagnetism, an explosive charge, and extremely combustible gases like propane or, butane amongst which propane is ideally and preferably usable. As compared to all other nail drivers, A Pneumatic nail gun is highly recommended to use as it avoids injuries to fingers or hands and requires less effort.  These nail guns come in various forms. These include General Purpose Pneumatic
Nail Guns, Pneumatic Farming Nailers, Pneumatic Finish Nail Guns, Pneumatic Brad Nail and Pin Guns, Pneumatic Flooring Nail Guns, Pneumatic Roofing Nail Guns, etc.  Below are some of the features of Pneumatic nailers. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Here are some of the features of PNEUMATIC NAIL GUN:-
• It offers maximum power within a compact package.
• It requires an Air Compressor use.
• Custom designed for tasks such as siding, flooring, roofing, etc.
• Its revolutionary design allows for better access in confined spaces.
• Proficient and powerful in controlling heavy-duty tasks.
• Comfortable overhead firing.
• It avoids physical damage to the person using it.
• It requires less effort.

How Do They Work?

Choosing the best nail gun is somewhat a tough task unless you have detailed knowledge about its mechanism and functioning. Almost all the Pneumatic nail
guns work similarly with just some changes in each other.  Coming to its functioning, firstly you must know some of the main parts of Pneumatic Nail Guns which are:
• Chamber
• Trigger Valve
• Blade
• Hammer
• Nail Strip
• Plunger etc
A pneumatic nail gun uses a trigger valve for powering. This valve prevents the compressed air from entering into the Chamber. This trigger needs to be pressed and released to activate the nail gun. When the trigger is pulled, the valve will be released, which will allow the air from the Compressor to enter into the Chamber.  Inside this Chamber, there is a Plunger and a hammer affixed or connected to a Blade. Both of these have their own functioning under which :
• The Blade separates one nail, which is being ejected from the other pins to prevent the other nails on the nail strip from being ejected whenever the hammer is driven down.  It ensures one nail being ejected at a single shot of the Pneumatic Nail Gun.
• And the plunger needs to be pressed onto the material you want to fasten to make the nail gun work. If a plunger is not thrust upon the object you want to fix;
the nail gun will fail to fire a nail.

Working Nail Guns

Now finally, to make a Pneumatic Nail Gun work, all that you require is an Air Hose and Compressor that will be connected and affixed with the Pneumatic Nail Gun.
As you attach the Compressor to the nail gun, the nail gun will use the compressed air released by the Compressor. The compressed air so released will enter the Pneumatic Nail Gun that will drive the hammer down onto the nails/pins at the nail strip, making the nail insert inside an object upon which you are working. After this, the trigger is then rereleased, that will make the plunger to block and stop the compressed air from entering inside the Chamber. And the Pneumatic Nail gun is now ready for firing the next nail. Just repeat this process until you are done with your work.  That’s how a Pneumatic Nail Gun works. The results are tremendous and working with Pneumatic Nail gun will make your heavy-duty tasks much more comfortable than the old fashioned way.

Last Few Words On Nail Guns

Overall, Pneumatic nail guns have made the task of inserting the nails into hard materials very easy as you can effortlessly drive nails into solid and hard objects now without using the hammer. It may be somewhat challenging to use the  Pneumatic nail guns initially. Still, once you get to know its proper functioning and mechanism, you will surely not find the work of driving a nail as tedious and cumbersome as before. Thanks for reading our post How Does A Pneumatic Nail Gun Work? Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. For more information, please follow Industrial Supply.

How does a pneumatic nail gun work?