Do you ever wonder which power tools use the same battery?  Power tools come in handy in the garden, construction, industry, and housework. They are among the most time-saving devices ever created. If you have been using power tools for quite a long time, you know that there are so many types out there. Just think that, for every kind of power tool, you need to get its special battery for that specific brand or model? Isn’t that quite inconvenient or hassle for you? We did some heavy-lifting to explore the power tool battery cross incompatible factors. So, let’s go through the first.

No Uniform Norm for the Battery of the Power Tools

For each brand, the battery pack is designed, only for its products. It leaves you with no option other than employing one brand only. In a scenario you would like to turn to other brands, you’ll no longer be able to use the same battery. For example, DeWalt and Porter-Cable that both have 20-volts Li-ion cells aren’t interchangeable without some changes. To make it interchangeable, you have to cut the notch on one side of the batteries.

The Technology of Each Brand is Different Different

Manufacturers depend on a different type of technology in their product to overtake their competitors in their respective business fields as generally. It even means – their products will work best with components of the same brand. They always claim that they can ensure that the product will gain its best performance as claimed if and only if you employ it as it is without any 3rd-party modifications. The Difference in the Kind of the Battery Connector This specific circumstance makes it so challenging for the users to have a cordless tool battery interchangeable with one another. It is quite a hassle when you would like to change your cordless tool if you’ve different brands or manufacturers mixed up. You can’t charge Bosch power tools using Ryobi charge as both have a different set of connectors.

Voltage Requirements Come into the Picture

The power tools might not operate properly if the battery pack used is not of the mentioned version. This might be due to the voltage requirements of the tools itself. The cordless tools come with their own type of technology and traits; each of these traits needs a specific voltage to drive the optimized performance. The voltage offered by the battery pack might be enough as needed by the cordless tools. But, the kind of battery itself might not be apt for the specific cordless tools. That’s because different power tools use different types of battery packs that go with their respective features.

The Need for Cordless Power Tool Battery Interchangeability

Do we truly need the same battery platform? Do we truly need the power tool battery cross-compatibility? If the cordless power tools manufacturers can address this problem and accomplish the cordless tool battery compatibility that most of the users have been waiting for, good things will benefit you. By this, there is no need to get a different set of battery chargers, and you get to save a few bucks. DeWalt Cordless Battery Interchangeable As lately as 2016, the company DeWalt has introduced a superior version of the world’s first battery known as Flexvolt. This battery automatically alters its voltage as you change power tools. 12.0 Ah Flexvolt battery has been designed to operate with DeWalt power tools ideal for higher-power applications. All Flexvolt batteries for cordless tools, like 6.0 AH, 9.0 AH, and 12.0 AH, are all interchangeable with the 20V – 60V DeWalt power tools. If you’re using a 120V cordless tool, then no issue. Flexvolt is a solution to your problem. Craftsman C3 Battery Compatibility The good news is that Craftsman CS works with the one same battery – 19.2 V. Thus, you can use it for all your C3 tools previously designed, even ones made in the future unless they made any changes.

Although there are no clear instructions to make it cross-compatible with other brands, you may come across some guide videos online to make it work. As we told earlier, to use your battery pack to run with your power tools across different brands, you may have to manipulate a battery by cutting some of its plastic away to make it fit. We would don’t recommend this.  By doing that, you’ll ruin a perfectly good battery, and it probably now won’t fit into the power tool it was designed for. Of course, it is not what you want.  You could be putting yourself in danger. You have no clue if a power tool is going to operate properly or short-circuit or catch fire. So, the best thing is to invest in the power tools of the same brand. The best option we think is DeWalt cordless power tools if you believe that you may have problems keeping your batteries charged. Indeed, the DeWalt system interchangeability seems to be an ideal option.

Power Tool Battery Adapter Could be Solution

The battery adapter has been a perfect solution for some users for quite some time now. This equipment enables you to use your battery pack to operate with your power tools across several different brands without much hassle. It even lets you change the voltage power to operate with various tools without the battery replacement need. The battery adapters make it hassle-free to make a switch for the voltage output. Thus, if you wonder whether you can use your 18v battery for 20v power tools, you can now. Moreover, power tools battery adapters have numerous voltage ranges. In addition to voltage converter, they can even convert your NiCad and NiMH battery-based tools to Lithium. Thus, if you have old tools using NiCad and NiMH but want to work with lithium batteries instead, now you can do it using the power tool battery adapter. Visit Air Fasteners Inc. in Carrollton Texas and they can help you will all of your power tool needs.  Follow Industrial Supply for more information.  Follow us on Instagram.

What Power Tools Use the Same Battery?